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Renaissance STAR 360 assessment is a periodic progress monitoring system. STAR Enterprise software serves two primary purposes. First, it provides quick and accurate estimates of students’ instructional math and reading levels relative to national norms. Second, it provides the means for tracking growth in a consistent manner over long time periods for all students. It is not meant as a “high-stakes” test.

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  • TK and Kinder will ONLY take the Early Literacy Test.
  • 1st grade will take the Early Literacy Test and the Star Math Test. Independent readers can take the Star Reading and Star Math tests.
  • 2nd through 11th grades will take Star Math and Star Reading.
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  • Star 360 is comprised of Renaissance Star Reading, Star Math, & Star Early Literacy.
  • This adaptive online achievement test is taken in the comfort of your own home.
  • Each test tracks subject mastery in about 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Students will take this assessment 3 times during the school year; first within the 1st two weeks of school, again in the Winter, & lastly in the Spring.
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  • Informs instruction, monitors progress, tracks mastery, and personalizes practice.
  • Helps teachers get a view of the students' academic strengths and weakness and help provide resources to engage the student's education to encourage success.
  • Using assessment results, teachers work with parents to develop a personalized learning plan.
  • Provides opportunity to prepare for state assessments and proactively tracks college readiness.
  • School wide assessment data are an integral part of our Local Indicators that aid in our charter renewal and WASC accreditation
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Students can take a break or take more time on a question by pausing the test.

Select STOP TEST in the upper-right corner of the screen > then RESUME LATER

When they are ready to log back in, they will need to enter the Monitor Password, which is admin.

***A paused test will automatically be erased if not completed within 8 days of starting it.

*** If you select STOP TEST twice, all progress will be lost.

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  • Select a day when your child is well-rested and does not feel rushed. It is important to encourage them to try their best!
  • Remind them that it's okay if they encounter any questions that they don't know. This test is ADAPTIVE and is designed to get harder as it goes along to discover what your student does know and does not know.
  • Take a break between assessments! Please do not have them do too much at one time...take a few hours or days apart.
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It may be hard to see your child get frustrated or know they are just guessing, but please do not assist them. It is important that your student completes these assessments without any help or coaching. It is better for them to provide their best guess and mark the wrong answer, so the program will adapt to your student's ability.


Parent's Guide - Star Assessments | Renaissance

Star tests are computer adaptive, which means they adjust to each answer your child provides. Help teachers get the best data to help your child.

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